This extension sets your search to Safe2Search to provide you with a one click safe search and browsing experience.Click on the Safe2Search icon in the toolbar to keep adult content out of your searc

Keyword Finder-SEO keywords Tool

Free website keyword finder tool to extract competitor google keyword with one click. Kwfinder help to improve SEO keywords rank.Find the website competitor keywords search volume, cpc and PD with

Yandex Image Search

This extension adds a context menu option for selected image in order to find it on Yandex.Add an option to the context menu "Search for an image in Yandex" Search for an image with a right click in

适用于Google Chrome™的图标查找器

超级免费图标搜索引擎,超过91000个图标,经过强分类,再加上免费矢量和图片在一个地方!是否需要為您的項目/徽標/設計找到完美的圖標? 只需安裝我們用於Google Chrome™的軟件Icon Finder要開始找到最適合您的圖標,請執行以下操作安裝適用於Google Chrome™的圖標查找器瀏覽我們超過1000種圖標的目錄如果要查找所需圖標的形狀,請進行搜索。 例如,您可以搜索

Autoplay Settings for YouTube™

Disable autoplay on YouTube™ and save your autoplay settings between sessions.Autoplay Settings for YouTube™ is a browser extension that disables the automatic playback of the next video on YouTube™,

WikiTree Sourcer

WikiTree Sourcer assists in finding and citing genealogy sources for use on WikiTree Sourcer extension saves time and typing by assisting WikiTree users with three main tasks:1. Fr


一个简约的双语对照翻译扩展 & 油猴脚本## 主页 特性- [x] 保持简约- [x] 开放源代码- [x] 适配常见浏览器 - [x] Chrome/Edge/Firefox/Kiwi - [ ] Safari- [x] 支持多种翻译服务 - [x] 自定义翻译接口-

Google Search Location Changer

This extension allows you to search Google by specific locations and languages.This extension allows you to change your location in Google search with ease. 🌍 The Google Search Location Changer exten


Adds pitch accent information to entries in the online Japanese-English Dictionary at jisho.orgThe add-on currently uses pitch accent information from the Japanese-German dictionary wadoku and from t

Google Dark Theme

A dark theme for google searchesIf there is an issue/bug, please email [email protected] code at Donate:monero:84PR6SkYd5zaFLKDjAFrQfba